Friday, 25 September 2015

The Makers Playground- London Design Festival

My Volunteer/Intern experience

Through out the week I helped out painting all the boards white using gloss and matte paint to make it stand out, as the exhibit was outside.
For the structure of the sets I helped measure making sure everything lines up and straight. As well as drill and screw pieces of wood together. 
If they needed me I was also there helping lifting the rope hangings for another member of the team to put them high on the poles. 

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Possible design for business card

This is a possible front and inside design of what i thought i could do my business card like for professional practice module.

For Distance

I have been working on making another rock for the bird scene Sammy has for her film, which has to look sinister looking. I am making this using the inside of a bodyboard and using a craft knife to create shapes and then i am using acrylic inks to paint it.
For The Bird i have been working on putting in more backgrounds into the animatic and also helping out in doing a flight animation in ToonBoom, as Tilly and the birds fly across different backgrounds through her journey from England back to Africa.

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Work on The Bird this week

For Africa: From Bev's initial layout you can see that I changed the colours and added in a gradient to the sky. I also I added in more perspective to create more depth and distance in the Savannah. The reason for choosing the colours I chose is because I thought these were more African colours and sit well with our style because we want Africa to look bright and beautiful and place that Tilly loves. So with this background I am really pleased how this has turned out.

For England with this background I wasn't really changing much of the look it was more about the colours sitting well with each other and also relate with the colours in the next scene that followed and even then I changed the colours a bit to suit better. Overall it did take me a few goes to get the colour right and sit well each other but in the end I am happy because this didn't have a lot going on in the background.

Colouring in Animation shots 

I have also been working on colouring the animation shots, this I have coloured in Tilly about to walk down the corridor, as well as colouring in the mother, the reaction shot of the mother in the boat seeing her daughter in the water.

With these new backgrounds and shots I have also been working in Premiere to do some editing and placing them into the animatic, to get an idea on timing and aswell to see what the backgrounds look like in the animatic.